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The MBA curriculum will consist of 3 required courses (9 credits), 7 basic management courses (21 credits) and 15 elective credits with a total of 45 credit hours. A master thesis is required for graduation. The normal study period of this program will be 2 years; the maximum period of study will be 4 years. The curriculum modules are described as below:

Required Courses:

 •Organizational Theory & Management

 •Business Policy and Strategy

 •Ethics and leadership

Basic Management Courses:

 •Productions and Operations Management

 •Human Resources Management

 •Management of Information Systems

 •Financial Management and Research

 •Marketing Management and Research

 •Managerial Statistics

 •Managerial Accounting

 •Managerial Economics (Required by MBA2 students)

Elective Courses
Elective courses are provided for students to develop their expertise in specialized areas, including finance, human resources, information systems, production and operations, marketing, as well as international strategy.

    • Strategy and International Business Management
      • International bussiness Managemrnt
      • International Strategic Managemrnt
      • Comparative Study on Cross-strait bussiness management
      • Industrial Competition Analysis
      • International Professional Communication
      • Competitive Dynamics: Concepts, Cases and Application
      • Strategic Principles in the Art of War
      • The Strategic Principles in the Art of war of LAO-ZI
      • Crisis Management
    • Organization and Human Resources Management
      • Systemic Thinking
      • Organizational Learning
      • Team Learning
      • Social network Analysis
      • International Organizational Behavior
      • Happiness Management
    • Marketing
      • Marketing Research Method
      • Retail Management
      • International Marketing
      • Strategic Brand Management
    • Finance
      • Financial Statements Analysis
      • Research Methods in Finance
      • Securities Market Analysis
    • Law and Business
      • International Economic Law – Business & Policy
      • Market and Law
    • E-commerce and Business Ecosystem
      • Game Theory and Competitive Strategy
      • Application and Life-style Database
    • Entrepreneurship Management
      • Entrepreneurship Management
      • Creative Management
      • Quality Management
      • Six Sigma
      • Service Operations Management
      • Business Analysis and Consultancy
    • Research Methods
      • Business Research Methods
      • Essay Writing
      • Qualitative Research Method

    *course list(.xlsx)