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About Us

PhD Program of Health Care Management

In accommodating for the rapid changes in societal needs, and the increasing demand in various medical knowledge and health particularly since the implementation of the health insurance in 1995, the health care management system face the new challenge and strike. According to this, PhD Program of Health Care Management of National Sun Yat-Sen University was inceptive and established in 2018.

The PhD Program of Health Care Management is an advanced degree for those who either have Master degree or equivalent professional health care experience. The PhD Program is the only one such program in southern Taiwan. With our learning resources, our student make effort to the profound research. It also aims to train experienced doctoral students in order to work in research facilities or become faculty member in universities.

Beside the core courses of the program, we also provide various selected courses that will help students to enhance their professional knowledge and research abilities. staffs, faculties, and students are aware of these principles. The College of Management provides clear guidelines and full information for the program to reach specific learning goals.

It is still having highly need for the good doctoral students to serve as faculty member in the universities in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the program also trains doctoral students to lead research projects in the health care organizations. There is a requirement for the doctoral students to complete dissertation for graduation. The dissertation is expected to integrate management theory into appropriate research methods for solving problems exist in the health care system.

There is also a requirement for doctoral students to publish their research results in international journal such as Science Citation Index (SCI) journals before their graduations. In order to build potential academy connections, the doctoral students are required to attend international field trip in foreign universities and health care organizations. This will help doctoral students to make comparisons of different health care systems and prepare for international coordination in their future academic career.